to choose m-tec

m-tec offers a quality product

m-tec is partnering with a large foreign Company that has 20 years of experience in engineering – R & D – production line. Product distributed in more than 50 countries around the world (Europe, USA, Asia, Latin America, …)

m-tec products are designed and manufactured in modern and environmentally friendly factory.

m-tec products are increasingly innovative products

R & D is at the heart of our overall development strategy. The innovation capabilities of our foreign partners allow us to enter new markets with products that meet clients needs and expectations.
All m-tec products are tested at the end of the production line to ensure that they work properly and to guarantee their compliance.

m-tec is the reference partner that gives you support every day

At m-tec, we know that every day, you are looking for solutions to manage better your fleet. Therefore, we ensure you the real time tracking of your vehicules.

m-tec is the local company

m-tec has a role to democratize innovative GPS products that meet your expectations and to make them accessible to a large range of persons, without compromising their quality. What we can summarize: at equal price, m-tec always brings you more.

m-tec offers you an impeccable after-sales service

At m-tec, after-sales service is very important. It ensures the client’s tranquility.

Data securing

Your journey-tracking data is 100% secured in our servers.

Customized support service

m-tec team gives you support throughout your contract. From the detection of your needs to your familiarization of the platform.


m-tec is a specialized Company in real time tracking and logistics resource management. Thanks to the 12 years experiences of its foreign partner, it provides high-performance products and high-tech GPS tracking. With global and flexible solutions, it helps professionals and individuals to do better the activities of their field teams: real-time tracking of vehicle’s fleet, tours follow-up and planning, deliveries and construction sites.

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